Transforming Health Monitoring with Ocular Infrared Thermography

Are you ready to experience a new era of body temperature monitoring? Introducing XTEMP, your partner in innovative health assessment. Our cutting-edge technology utilizes Ocular Infrared Thermography (IRT) to accurately and non-invasively monitor intrinsic body temperature changes.

Innovating Core Body Temperature Monitoring

Skip the tubes or wiring - get accurate temperature readings without ever touching a client.

Traditional methods of monitoring core body temperature often involve invasive or uncomfortable procedures. Our technology shifts the paradigm by harnessing the power of infrared thermography. By focusing on the posterior region of the eyes, where the ocular surface temperature holds crucial information, we offer a breakthrough solution for continuous temperature monitoring.

Why Choose XTEMP IRT Technology?


Accurate Monitoring

Our simulation-based optimization and computational heat transfer techniques ensure precise evaluation of intrinsic body temperature changes.

Non-Invasive and Safe

Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperature measurement methods. XTEMP IRT is completely non-invasive and poses no risk to your well-being.

Affordable Health Care:

We believe in accessible health monitoring for all. Blink Thermal offers an inexpensive solution without compromising accuracy.

Ocular Analysis:

Our framework analyzes the ocular temperature distribution at the anterior region of the eye to accurately assess changes in intrinsic body temperature at the posterior region.

Cutting-Edge Computer Vision:

The power of computer vision enhances our technology capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis.

*when compared against gold-standard non-invasive device

Advantage of Our Framework



Say goodbye to discomfort. Our approach eliminates the need for invasive procedures making temperature monitoring stress free.


Accurate and Reliable

Our technology offers a high level of accuracy, ensuring you receive dependable temperature readings for informed decision making.


Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed about your health in real-time. Our framework provides instant updates on temperature changes.


Early Detection

Detecting temperature variations early can be crucial for proactive health management. Our system aids in identifying potential issues before they escalatate.

Discover the Future

Accurate Assessment, Revolutionary Impact

Our approach is unlike any other. By precisely evaluating and mapping the temperature distribution in the posterior surface of the eye, we’re unlocking a world of possibilities. Imagine being able to monitor your core body temperature with unparalleled accuracy and convenience.

Elevating Patient Care: Redefining Standards

Gone are the days of invasive procedures and discomfort. Our revolutionary technology has the potential to reshape the clinical standard-of-care. Say goodbye to the need for invasive methods. Say hello to continuous and personalized core body temperature monitoring.

From Healthcare Facilities to Your Fingertips

We’re bringing temperature monitoring to your fingertips. Our framework isn’t limited to clinical environments—it’s designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. With just the palm of your hand or a simple wearable device, you’ll have the power to monitor your temperature with ease.

Meet The Team

Senay Tewolde

Senay Tewolde, PhD

Founder of Blink Thermal and Co-Inventor of XTEMP

Senay Tewolde, PhD

An expert in IR imaging technology, bio-heat analysis, and predictive analytics. As a founder of Blink Thermal, Dr. Tewolde has co-invented XTEMP with Katharine Long, PhD
Katharine Long

Katharine Long, PhD

Co-Inventor of XTEMP

Katharine Long, PhD

An applied mathematician with over thirty years of specializing in numerical analysis and in modeling and simulation of problems from physics, biology, and engineering.
Michael Clines

Michael Clines, PhD

CTO of Blink Thermal

Michael Clines, PhD

An applied mathematician who specializes in computational modeling, numerical analysis, and infrared thermography.

Eric Blatt

External Advisor and IP Attorney

Eric Blatt

An IP attorney and a leading expert on intellectual property issues relating to federally - funded R&D.
Randy Carter

Randy Carter, PhD

Research and Development

Randy Carter, PhD

A Professor Emeritus at the University at Buffalo. His areas of research experience include measurement error models, measurement reliability and validity, and cancer epidemiology..
Moses Asom

Moses Asom, PhD

Funding and Business Development

Moses Asom, PhD

A CEO and entrepreneur with many years of experience in creating and managing both start-up companies and Fortune 100 companies.

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At Blink Thermal, we’re committed to transforming the way you monitor your health. Say hello to accurate, non-invasive, and affordable intrinsic body temperature monitoring. Embrace the future of health care with XTEMP IRT technology.